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Rockin Errywer Sketchbook

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Zelda Musou/Hyrule Warriors Treasure Box unboxing! I got my package a few days ago, on Friday! My Figma Link and Real Action Heroes Link figures join me checking out the goodness. The white cardboard box was a tiny bit smashed on the top, but the contents inside were fine thankfully.

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Ms Marvel (2014) #7

Hey hey I drew that!

Ms Marvel 07 is waiting for you in your Local Comic Shop. I drew the pictures, Ian Herring brought the color, G. Willow Wilson wrote the words and Sana Amanat made it all happen.

This issue concludes my little run on Ms Marvel. It was a pleasure and a privilege to be able to work with the brilliant folks who make this book every month, and to contribute what little I can to this character so early in her career.

I love this book.

Kamala is a big deal. Her success, the book’s multiple printings, the wonderful fans that have rallied around it, all of these things tell the story of the change happening in and around comics right now. It’s such an optimistic story, and I love that I got to lend a little ink to it. Thanks to Sana for letting me be a part of this, thanks to Willow for making it SO FUN, to Ian for making me look so much better than I am. And thanks to Kamala’s fans for letting me hang out in their clubhouse for a few months. Y’all have been great company.


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What do you think will happen in Northern Ireland if Scotland gets their independence?


loyalists will be in an uproar republicans will want to follow suit and peter robinson and arlene foster will most likely mesh together becoming one racist, homophobic and sectarian entity in order to protect the ‘good people of ulster and their right to celebrate their british culture’ think pacific rim with a lot less kaijus and a lot more flegs