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Rockin Errywer Sketchbook

All these guildies playin’ skyrim for the first time made me wanna boot up my game and see where I was at last. So i picked an undiscovered thingy and ran at it and that was obvs a terrible mistake #yolo #swag #idiedsomuchandoften 

Holy shit lydia are you fucking proud of yourself??

What started off with a simple breaking and entering, resulted in me fleeing whiterun and getting halfway to the throat of the world and then realising I had just been given a Lydia. So I went back to Whiterun and used my “hurdur I’mma thane” card, only to find that Lydia…

Was hacking away at the guards as they ran from her; She was shouting “YOU THINK YOU CAN RUN?!” and “YOU CALL YOURSELF A NORD? HAH!” as she hacked at their legs. The guards weren’t hostile to me at all, so i was just like. “Lyds pls dont die you’ve got all my stuff” and she was all “BRB GOTTA HACK UP GUARDS”

eventually she killed the fleeing guard and put her sword away and I was able to talk to her. The first thing she said was, AND I QUOTE “….Damn… I didn’t think I’d get caught…”

And suddenly Lydia is terrifying. 
Not two steps outside of Whiterun, does Faildal come running out of the bushes shooting arrows all up in my face. And before I drew my swords and shit, Lydia was all i got this and just took into poor, sweet, precious Roaldahl.